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Ernest Pringle

Policy Head
Annelize Crosby

BLC | LLB | LLM (Constitutional practice) | Admitted attorney

Without tenure security, farming is not possible. The land issue has become highly politicized. The Land Centre of Excellence focuses on the protection of the property rights of members and sustainable land reform. The centre monitors and discusses policy and legislation regarding all the different aspects of land reform, including restitution, redistribution, tenure reform, communal tenure, expropriation, valuation and farmer development. The centre mandates responses to policy and legislation and seeks expert advice to elucidate and manage all the different aspects of land reform.


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Nicol Jansen

Policy Head
Dr Requier Wait

PhD | MCom (Economics) | BCom Honours (Economics) | BCom (Economics and Accounting)

The centre’s activities focus on economic and trade matters that have an impact on the development, profitability, stability and sustainability of agriculture. Regarding economic affairs, the centre provides inputs and/or commentary on economic policy, the diesel refund for agricultural purposes, taxation, risk management, agricultural research, water and electricity tariffs as well as the review of agricultural legislation. The centre also oversees aspects relating to road infrastructure, telecommunication, and technology development and transfer. In terms of trade, attention is given to various policies, for example trade and tariff policy, agricultural marketing policy and strategy, as well as sundry agreements which include bilateral agreements, memorandums of understanding or partnership agreements between countries or national organisations.

This Centre of Excellence functions under the chairmanship of Nicol Jansen, with Jannie de Villiers as vice chair and Dr Requier Wait as head. He is assisted by Martina Benadé and Nel Coetzee.


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#9 Land Bank: BPCP BF
#10 Status update SSEGs

Neil Hamman

Policy Head
Jahni de Villiers

LLB | LLM (Labour Law)

The Committee’s focus areas include the following:

• Labour legislation;
• Sectoral determinations, as well as the national minimum wage;
• Curbing child labour;
• Occupational health and safety on farms;
• Co-operation with other agricultural organisations, trade unions and role players in the interest of organised agriculture;
• Liaison with government through participation in the relevant task groups at Nedlac, and liaison with the departments of Labour, Economic Development, Home Affairs, Rural Development and Agriculture;
• Migration policy development;
• Social security for farm workers, including training and development; and
• Policy development for transformation in agriculture.


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#3 AgriSA - B-BBEE
#4 Quarterly Labour Force survey Q3 2018
#5 SAHRC: Equality Report
#6 Arbeid en Ontwikkeling
#7 Labour and Development
#8 Labour and Development Strategy
#9 National Minimum Wage

Wayman Kritzinger

Policy Head
Janse Rabie

BComm | LLB | LLM (Marine and Environmental Law)

The Natural Resources Centre of Excellence deals with all water-related matters including policy and legislative developments as well as negotiations on annual Raw Water Price Increases by the Department of Water and Sanitation; Mining and Agriculture (including shale gas development in South Africa); the Agri Risk Desk which considers measures to identify and respond to risk in the agricultural sector (including Climate Change adaptation and mitigation); the Square Kilometre Array Project in the Northern Cape Province; and commenting on legislative and policy reform in respect of natural resources and mining legislation in South Africa.


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Tommie Esterhuyse

Policy Head
Kobus Visser

BAgric | MBA

The Committee focuses on all policy areas that have an influence on the safety of the farming community and the effective implementation of the Rural Protection Strategy. Specific attention is given to the following policy areas: Rural crime and crime trends; sector policing and reservists; trade in scrap material; the South African Policy Service (SAPS); Correctional Services and the criminal justice system. The Committee is also involved in the development of information and procedures relating to aspects such as the protocol for farm access, procedural arrangements for dealing with land invasions, the rights of victims of crime, integrity of national borders, and other relevant police matters.


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