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Agri, which incorporates Die Boer / The Farmer, is Agri SA's bi-monthly digital magazine.

In many cases, a crisis brings out the best in people. It is also true that difficult times tend to accelerate innovation, which eventually brings us to places even better than where we were before the crisis began.

This is especially apparent as the turbulence caused by the Coronavirus spreads worldwide. The huge negative impact on people and the business world, is exactly what forced us to implement new solutions, perhaps faster than we would in normal circumstances.

This is certainly true for Agri SA and AGRI magazine. Due to the national lockdown, we are unable to print and distribute the latest edition of AGRI, although the magazine is done and ready for print. We, therefore, had to make innovative plans to implement the digital version of our magazine sooner than we had initially planned.

The good news is that we are now ready to do so and the digital publication will be available to all our readers in the next two weeks. This digital platform is user-friendly, modern and convenient.

Access to information is something we want to make easy for our members, and the development of AGRI’s digital format is a way to ensure that our readers stay informed.

We look forward to this new era of sharing information and believe that you will be just as excited about it as we are.

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Digital editions
Agri Julie/Augustus | July/August 2020
Agri Vol 57 | No 2 Maart/March | April/April 2020

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Agri Vol 52 | No 2 Maart/March | April 2019
Agri Vol 51 | No 2 Januarie/January | Februarie/February 2019
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